Mr. Nabil Al Zaher

Mr. Nabil Al Zaher

Funding and credit portfolio management partner


Work to provide banking facilities of all kinds to companies and institutions in all sectors.
Assisting companies in terms of reducing the cost of financing, providing liquidity, improving the conditions of existing credit facilities, rescheduling and structuring, feasibility studies.
Exiting from one bank to another to ensure better financing terms and costs.
Portfolio management.
Debt collection.
Credit risk management.

Executive Director of Project Finance and Investment Portfolios

The practical experience of Mr. Nabil

22 years of experience in corporate banking and operations

He obtained extensive experience through his work in Al Masraf Bank and his work as financial manager for major business groups and holding companies in the Middle East. Mr. Nabil obtained multiple experiences in the field of managing credit and investment portfolios with major financial consulting companies. Establishing new borrowing relationships, preparing the required credit and financial analysis according to The Bank’s policies and procedures to enhance the Bank’s market share Develop and maintain strong working relationships with all existing customers at key levels to improve utilization of approved facilities.

Promote a sales and service culture and support the Head of Commercial Banking when required.

Profitably grow commercial banking business, while managing risk in order to achieve strong set objectives.

A member of the Commercial Credit Committee (by delegation) is responsible for approving cases within the limits of pre-determined authorization.

Monitoring accounts on a daily basis, negotiating with clients to settle past dues and past dues and restructuring outstanding commitments to reduce credit/default risk.

Reviewing legal documents in accordance with the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions sheet with feedback from the legal advisor if necessary. Working on providing banking facilities of all kinds to companies and institutions in all sectors. .

Previous experiences of Mr. Nabil

Dealing with the accounts of large companies in various sectors, as well as non-banking financial institutions locally and internationally that have established a relationship with the bank. The size of the portfolio is about 1.2 billion.


Proactive in establishing and developing a portfolio of corporate clients in line with management strategy Marketing existing and new relationships with net worth ranging from AED 50m to AED 500m across various industries such as Real Estate, Oil & Gas and Contracting. Managing a portfolio of AED 500 million funded and unfunded facilities generating a profit of AED 35 million annually through interest and fee income. and commissions Developing a credit proposal for existing and new customers in accordance with the bank’s risk standards and customer requirements.

and trade

Ensure new relationships receive the right mix of capital expenditure and working capital facilities while maximizing revenue for the Bank